933 S. Cooper | Memphis, TN 38104

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Our volunteers are very special people. They come from all walks of life ...

They are teachers, doctors, housewives, marketing and public relation experts, attorneys, secretaries, nurses, and business owners. They put forth their highest quality work effort caring for the store and the cats, tending to over 100 cats' needs. They give up their personal time, asking nothing in return, only wishing to be a part of a solution and a need in their community. Our gratitude and love goes out to them for their kindness and dedication.

We could never do it without them! If you would like to become a House of Mews Volunteer, please download the VOLUNTEER FORM and bring it to the House of Mews, or fill out the information in an email and send it to houseofmew@aol.com with the subject line "Volunteer Application". Thanks!

Former volunteer Ginny Davis and Tom the cat
exhibit the VOLUNTEERS' MOTTO T-shirt.
insideInside the House of Mews
Check out the tile floor Hands On Memphis volunteers installed in our back room of our old store at 944 S. Cooper during their Servathon. 10 volunteers from different corporate environments installed the floor in 4 hours.  Servathon normally involves over 4,000 community volunteers donating their time for one 4 hour period on a special Servathon Project Day per year. That's over 16,000 hours of donated volunteer time in ONE DAY! In the past, Hands On Memphis volunteers also have volunteered a crew in our store one Saturday and one Sunday per month to help our morning care crews.storeinterior
bonniehaubBONNIE HAUBBonnie, pictured here with one of her favorite kitties, Elphaba, is a lead volunteer for our Sunday morning crew. In her professional life Bonnie is a Senior Account Manager at Raymond James. Bonnie, who is a vegan and her husband, Pete, who is a Captain at Pinnacle Airlines have one kitty, Rowan, who was adopted from The House of Mews. Bonnie is a highly energetic and enthusiastic volunteer and also helps with fundraisers for the store, photographs and updates our kitties on Petfinder.com, and was our Meowathon 5K Race Director for several years, during her tenure she managed to significantly increase Meowathon donations and succes over previous years.

LYNN SIMMONS: Lynn Simmons has been with us since March of 2002, and formerly she worked with an investment firm - what a dynamic, energetic and vivacious woman! Lynn helps with cleaning, vet runs and is willing to do just about anything to care for the kitties and the store. She puts in many hours showing her love. Lynn also works very hard on our Meowathon 5K signing up many sponsors/donors for our silent auction at the race.



LISA POWELL: Lisa, highly energetic and enthusiastic, joined our Saturday morning care crew in 2010 and also is an outstanding fund raiser for our Meowathon 5K. Lisa loves calico kitties and has 3 of her own. She enjoys doing things with her family and taking care of her home. In Lisa's work life she is a Vice President with Morgan Keegan. Lisa is pictured with one of her favorite kitties, Button (who has since been adopted - yay!).

ANN HIGHTOWER: Pictured with Macchiato the cat, Ann was formerly the Assistant Managing Director at The House of Mews. In the past she also worked as a lead volunteer heading out several weekday morning care crews and in addition, handling retail/adoption duties several days a week. In Ann's professional background she is retired from the University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences where she was Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy and later Assistant Dean of Student Affairs in the College of Allied Health Sciences at UT. Ann attended Duke University. Ann still donates time doing special projects for The House of Mews.
AmandaSmithAMANDA SMITH: Amanda is pictured with Pork Chop the cat and has volunteered on our retail staff and on the morning care crew at the store in the past. She is currently studying for her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Mississippi State University. She loves black cats and tortoiseshells, snowboarding, reading, and yoga. She wanted to volunteer at Mews because her sweet kitty, Olivia was very sick with FIP and she couldn't do anything to make it better. She encourages everyone to take in rescued animals and go vegan.
ANNE EMMERTH: Anne, pictured with favorite kitty, Peanut Butter who she fostered and also helped raise her kittens, has been volunteering on our Sunday morning care crew for several years. Anne is always cooperative and ready to work hard and really enjoys a challenge. In her professional life she acts as Executive Director for Chi Omega Fraternity. She and her husband, Mike, enjoy traveling.

MELISSA HANSON: Melissa Hanson has been volunteering on the Sunday morning care crew since September 2008 and is a very caring volunteer - she even fosters our 3-legged kitty, Rock 'N Roll. She shares her life with her rescued cats. Melissa is the Director of Grants and Research for Christian Brothers University and a freelance theater lighting designer. She helped to coordinate the acting debut of House of Mews star, Hoss (pictured here) who appeared in DeSoto Family Theatre's production of "The Diary of Anne Frank."


ABBY WALLACE: Abby works on the Saturday morning care crew as a lead volunteer and also helps with adoptions. She has 4 kitties of her own, one of which is a special needs kitty. This vivacious and down-to-earth go-getter moved here from Colorado and in her real job works as a Prosecuting Attorney in Memphis' District Attorney's Office. Abby loves gardening and enjoys visiting antique shops, and is excited about moving to a new home. Abby is pictured with one of her favorite kitties, Penny.

JerryMcKinneyPhotoJERRY MCKINNEY: Pictured with his favorite kitty, Porky. Jerry also just adopted our FIV+ (feline aids) kitty, Ginger. In his past life, Jerry was a rather well-known sax player with Larry Raspberry and The Highsteppers, and he also did a long stint with Elvin Bishop in the 70s after leaving The Highsteppers, as well as he was also the sax player for Hank Williams, Jr. for years. Jerry works the Wednesday morning crew caring for the kitties with much love and devotion. He hates to miss his mornings, and even showed up when he had pnemonia.
HOLLY SMITH: Holly, pictured here with Midnight, volunteers on our retail/adoption crew. She is talented and creative, majored in public relations at the University of Memphis, and also works at Bosco's restaurant part-time. Holly loves all the kitties and has been a wonderful foster mom caring for some of our baby kittens. She recently adopted our sweet boy, Teddie, who had food allergies.HollySmithPhoto