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Thank you for taking the time to consider the House of Mews as a sanctuary for your cat or rescue kitty. Our facilities are filled to capacity, and our waiting list is longer than we can realistically manage. Unfortunately we are no longer taking outside applications

While we cannot take your kitty into The House of Mews, we do have other ideas pertaining to different scenarios, which you might find helpful to try immediately.

The House of Mews is happy to provide food if you cannot afford to feed your kitty or rescue kitty.

LOW-COST SPAY/NEUTER & Vaccinations:

In Memphis, this is offered by the Mid South SpayNeuter formerly Animal Protection Agency (APA) at 324-3202. They have a new spay/neuter clinic at 854 Goodman Rd. near the corner of Park Avenue and offer a low cost $55 spay/neuter and some times the fee is lower for FERALS brought in a trap ...you can also access their spay/neuter applications on line at www.spaymemphis.org. PETVAX in Memphis also does low cost spayneuters and vaccines.


IF YOU ARE PREGNANT - you can keep the cat (re: Toxoplasmosis)

Read this before giving up your cat.....a lot of things would have to happen at once before you could catch Toxomplasmosis... http://www.thedailycat.com

BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS: If you have a cat with behavior problems may we suggest behavior modification by changing the kitty's environment for a two-month period. One way this is accomplished is putting kitty in a large cage with room for for him/her to walk and lie down as well as for the litter box, food and water. Keep kitty here when you are not home or in bed at night. Let kitty out only when you are home to love on him and monitor his behavior. Be consistent with the caging for at least two months for good results. Also be sure to to take kitty to a vet and have him checked for urinary tract infection (UTI) if he is going outside his litter box. UTI can be serious and must be eliminated before assuming it is just bad behavior. You could also change kitty's behavior and environment by making him your "bedroom kitty" in lieu of a cage, and keeping the bedroom door shut to outsiders. Some cats are just happier in a quieter environment away from other cats and feel more secure, especially if other cats, dogs or small children who can make them nervous are around. Kitty also gets your love and undivided attention at night and sleeps on your bed. Also check out www.petvideo.com & www.thedailycat.com for great advice on behavior.

There is also a HOTLINE number that they can call FREE OF CHARGE to discuss behavior problems. Donations are encouraged. Also the website: http://www.catsinternational.org/ Has an impressive library of articles on cat behavior.

ALLERGIES/ASTHMA: If you have a possible cat allergy problem may we suggest changing to Feline Pine or Feline Fresh which is hyperallergenic and lasts much longer than other litters. Certain dusty type litters mimic cat allergies and dairy product allergies can also be confused as a cat allergy. Also, try using an air purifyer, especially in bedrooms, and keeping the cat out of the bedrooms with the door shut. Allergies and asthma are worse at night when a person is lying down. In addition you might try a homemade spray with 99% water & add just enough boiled tea to it to make it slightly discolored. The Tannin in the tea helps with the allergies. For years we sold a product in our store with these ingredients which you spray into the air and kept the environment free for 8 weeks. We no longer sell the product at this time as the company is reorganizing, however, we never had any complaints about the product, it sold exceptionally well and it worked according to our customers.

OTHER SUGGESTIONS/RESOURCES: If you advertise or adopt the kitty elsewhere we suggest that you ask for a small fee, at least $40, to keep unscrupulous persons from making any money off your pet by selling them to laboratories, pit bull rings, snake food or for any other malicious reason. People who really love animals, don't consider them pests and understand they have value and are willing to pay an adoption fee. The more we give animals away free, the more chance we are encouraging others to view animals as trash and throw aways and perpetuate the problem of homeless animals. People rarely "throw away" things they view as valuable.

You could take kitty in your arms and walk into area vets offices and ask animal loving clients in the waiting room if they would like to adopt your kitty.  People in vets offices usually love animals enough to be there to pay money to care for their animals, so this is a good resource for finding an adopter.  Maybe the vet would consider kitty for their mascot kitty in the vet's office who occasionally gives blood to help other kitties.

You might also check in with the manager's of local Petco and Petsmart and see if they will let you bring kitty to their store and stay with him a couple of hours on a busy day and adopt him...be creative, dress him in a bowtie, get a poster that says "He sings, dances and does dishes".....that's the difference we make with our store, being creative, make it fun....you can do it on a small scale too and get him adopted and draw attention to him....be sure to test him for Leuk/Aids and provide proof....spay/neuter if you can and ASK FOR an ADOPTION FEE (a minimum of $40) to protect him from those who want free cats for lab testing and pit bulll rings. You could also put his picture on cool posters and put around town in vet offices and pet supply stores and you might even find a no-kill rescue on this list who will put his picture and info on their petfinder site (which we will also do) for a small fee (which goes national). Also some vets' offices take mascot kitties to run loose in their offices who are available for occasional needed blood donors. Good luck.....you can do it.....make a difference with just one animal at a time, its possible.


Petfinder shelter list for a list of other local rescue groups & their phone #'s will come up...perhaps one of them will be able to be of help. You might also call different vets in the area as some of them have cages in their waiting rooms for orphan cats and will adopt them out.

Advertise your adoptable kitty by going to Petfinder (we are also happy to do this for you on our petfinder site for a $10 fee & with your permission to post your phone number and email address so potential adoptors will call you directly). For your viewing, our own petfinder site (different than our business website) with pictures is found at:  The House of Mews

Find local low cost, free spay/neuter programs and local animal sanctuaries and shelters on line at: http://www.1888pets911.org/  Also in the Memphis, TN area go to www.spaymemphis.com for low cost spay/neuter by Mid-South Spay/Neuter (formerly called the APA or Animal Proctection Association).

Get help with ferals & strays at:
For trap, spay/neuter, release & feed strays information, go to Alley Cat Allies: http://www.alleycat.org/ or About.com

Find lost pet/post lost pet and picture or adoptable pet on line at: http://www.petfinder.org/

Financial aid for sick animals and their rescuers/friends: http://imom.org/

Find Help for Leukemia/Aids Positive Kitties: http://www.bemikitties.com/felv/cgi-bin/suite/classifieds/classifieds.cgi

WEALTH of info on FIV & FELV + Felines http://www.the-cats-meow.ca/fiv.html

Feline Rescue Network- Rescues and Cat Adoption; Animal Welfare, Advocacy: http://www.felinerescue.net/

Lots of other great cat information and advice website: http://www.thedailycat.com

Thank you so much for caring enough about your kitty or rescued kitty that you sought help with our no-kill sanctuary. Sadly, we are not able to help as many as we would like, but we know it always matters to the ones we can help.