933 S. Cooper | Memphis, TN 38104

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Special Cats

These are a few of our special cats waiting for adoption at the House of Mews. Special cats may be seniors, on medications, have chronic illnesses, be very shy, need extra TLC, or other reasons that result in these cats many times being overlooked. These cats deserve loving homes just like any others and can provide rewarding companionship. We hope you'll come by our House at 933 S. Cooper during business hours to meet these special cats and see if one may be right for you. Click on a picture, or the name of the cat to see its full profile.

GINGER HAS BEEN ADOPTED! I'm Ginger and I crave your affection, love being petted and will reward you with lots of purrs. I'll sit on your lap and lick your fingers. I am playful too! Also, I have FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus A.K.A. feline aids). I would be a good only cat as FIV is only spread to other cats through a bite into the bloodstream or through sexual transmission. I can live a long life if protected indoors so my immune system is not more compromised. Approx. DOB is 10-6-09. CURRENTLY BEING FOSTERED. CONTACT THE H.O.M. IF INTERESTED IN GINGER.