933 S. Cooper | Memphis, TN 38104

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Puddy Tat Protectors, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 community service organization, dedicated to the rescue and care of homeless cats and kittens. The organization's other missions include spaying and neutering all cats adopted from the House of Mews, educating the public on the humane treatment of cats, reporting and preventing the abuse of animals, and encouraging respect for the rights and dignity of animals. The felines of Puddy Tat Protec- tors, Inc. are adopted through The House of Mews, a cat sanctuary and adoption agency which serves as an alternative to local government-run shelters. The House of Mews does not purchase or sell cats; it operates on the fundamental principle that the lives of other living, emotional beings are not marketable or "for sale". Those approved to adopt a feline from The House of Mews are encouraged to make a donation to defray the necessary veterinarian expenses (spaying/neutering, vaccinations, tests) incurred for their new feline companions.

The House of Mews is located at 933 S. Cooper in the heart of the Midtown Cooper-Young Historic District and is staffed wholly by hard-working, non-paid volunteers from all walks of life.  As a cat lover's gift shop, The House of Mews also offers for sale unique cat collectibles, T-shirts, crafts, and other cat necessities such as Feline Fresh litter, Science Diet cat food, toys, catnip and a variety of kitty supplies.

If you are new to our cause, here is a brief history. In 1994, Elain Harvey started Puddy Tat Protectors after deciding to care for the cats and kittens who had been dropped off or who had "just shown up" at Goodwin's Nursery in Germantown, Tennessee. After volunteering alone for about four months and caring for over 60 cats with occasional help from Goodwin's casual labor force, Elain first found help from volunteers Deborah Pottkotter, Grace Alexander, Gayle Jones and daughter Sara. These individuals have now worked over 18 months as volunteers Two years and 1,300 plus cats later, Elain serves as the Managing Director of The House of Mews.

In October 1995, most of the remaining cats at Goodwin's were moved to the S. Cooper location, a much safer environment for the cats and kittens. Twelve years later, the House of Mews moved across the street to its current location, 933 S. Cooper.  Approximately 60 cats run loose in the store and cooperate beautifully with each other. Generally, a cat is allowed to run loose in the store after a period of two months in a cage without being adopted as long as the cat has become comfortable with the new environment. Other cats for adoption are in the large, comfortable, shelved white cages.


Elain Harvey


President, Board of Trustees

Managing Director

Donald W. Pemberton

Attorney At Law

Secretary, Board of Trustees


Natalie Hurley Harden

Attorney At Law

Board of Trustees