933 S. Cooper | Memphis, TN 38104

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They would have to drag us kicking & Screaming in a Sack to get us out of Cooper-Young. So...
We are moving across the street to 933 S. Cooper instead!!!

Cat in a Sack

We are ready to paint and prepare our new space at 933 S. Cooper, a small 1000 s.f. space across the street from our current location.  Our new landlord is constructing a sales counter, and building countertops and cabinent space in the small back room for us along with washer/dryer hookups and a laundry sink.  Would those of you who said they were interested in painting, moving and fostering/adopting kitties, please respond asap.

Foster Homes & Adopters:

We are ready for you to come pick up the kitties you will foster or adopt before our move on
Feb 25th, as we will only be able to have about 60 kitties at a time in the new store.  We
currently have about 79 left in our store, 30 of whom are shy and must find homes now, so that
we can make space for adoptable kitties.


We will be painting the interior of our store this Sunday, Feb 11th at 1:30pm.....if you want to help, would you please bring a roller, roller pan and paint brush for you to use.  We can use a certain number of ladders too, if you have one.  We will also paint over the ceramic tiles on the front of the building so they blend in with the brown brick, and our awning will be placed on the building after they are painted.  We must have a warmer temp to paint outside.  The front door will be painted green.


After the walls are painted we will paint shelving for the 6-8 railed catwalks that will be 10-12 feet up in the air and attach them to the walls.  If you are familiar with how to attach shelving to concrete walls, please let us know you would like to help.

Build/Construct Walk-In Cat Cages:

We have approximately 6-8 walk-in screened cages to build after the painting is done.  Those who want to help with this project please let us know, if you have experience with this.

Floor Tiling:

We plan to tile the floor last as it will take 2 weeks for the construction grade black & white tiles to come in after ordering unless we find a local source who stocks them.  If you have experience with tiling please let us know.

Moving Day, Sunday Feb. 25th:

We are planning to do our major move on this day at 1pm, although we will still move smaller back room items before this date and up to March 1. We will try to arrange for a police roadblock if we can so that we can easily move things across the street without traffic interference.  Several of you said you have trucks we can use...so perhaps we will end up using them or a combination of the trucks and just taking things across the street manually.  Those of you available to help with our move, please let us know.