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Thanks to The Memphis Flyer and a story by reporter, Bianca Phillips, a few weeks ago The House of Mews has been adopted by Service Assurance Corporation!  ServiceAssurance, founded in 1989, and heavily involved in multiple charities in the Mid-South community, is the Mid-South's largest privately-held continuous provider of on-site remote technology services.
What does this mean, "House of Mews adopted"?  It means that after reading the story in The Flyer about the House of Mews' tough economic times, Service Assurance's owners contacted us and generously offered to be our corporate sponsor!  More than that, they will act as our "Big Brother & Coach",  donating cash, employee volunteer hours, administrative & PR help, computer tech skills as well as their expertise in fundraising, valued at well over $1000 a month.  We believe that this generous offer may be precedent-setting, in that it is likely the first time a corporation has offered such a golden opportunity, in an on-going  basis to a Memphis area non-profit animal welfaresanctuary.  Service Assurance co-founders, Mark Giannini (CEO) & Kelli Mitchell (President), wanting to give back to their community as they have in the past, are hopeful that this leads the way and inspires other companies to help smaller non-profits who often go unnoticed in the shadow of bigger names.  We are proud to be associated with a fine company like Service Assurance Corporation (serviceassurance.net) , a small local company doing something big, and they deserve a great deal of praise for their generosity. 
In addition, we are so thankful to so many of you, some old friends and some new, who showed up to offer your support and donations after reading The Memphis Flyer story.  We are blessed and feel so much gratitude for those of you who came through for us. Once again you have helped to make our life easier and safeguarded 130 kitties' sanctuary.  A followup story was written in THE DAILY NEWS also:  http://www.memphisdailynews.com/editorial/Article.aspx?id=50934  and The Flyer followup story: http://www.memphisflyer.com/TheDailyBuzz/archives/2010/06/22/house-of-mews-gets-adopted